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Building Control and Approval Part 2

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  • 13-12-2018
Building Control and Approval Part 2

Building Control and Approval Part 2

In England and Wales Building Regulations are used to promote standard building focusing on energy efficiency and people's need. The buildings should be easily accessible by people with disabilities.

Full Plans 

You are required to offer the building drawing in full plan application showing the construction method and layout. The proposed development is supposed to have structural calculations that are offered to the authority before the work commences. 

The Local Authority takes five to eight weeks to evaluate the application. If building plans conform to the set Building Regulations, one gets a notification of project approval. The local authority may require some modifications to the plan for the project to get an approval. 

The inspector carries out site inspections which aim at providing a smooth flow of building process by evaluating the foundation, drainage and damping of the project. The Completion Certificate is offered when the work completed complying with the Building Regulation. 


The regularisation is an application which is for a building which is constructed on or after 11 November 1985 without the permission of Building Regulation. The process is meant to offer a certificate of regularisation to the unauthorised works. 

Site Inspection  

The local authority needs two days notice before the construction works begin and another notice after the works are done which should be not later than five days after completion. A 1-day notice is applied in the following stages of construction; 

  • Foundation excavation
  • Foundation
  • Damp proof course
  • Any concrete of the building

The notice is served to open up the works when you fail to allow the local authority to inspect the works during the crucial construction stages.