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Building Surveys FAQ

A building survey is the most comprehensive property survey available. It's highly recommended for older or larger properties as every part of the building is inspected to give an exact report on its current condition. Below we have gathered some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

Q: What is the difference between a Home Buyer's Report and Building Survey?

Although both are carried out by RICS chartered surveyors, the building survey include more detail than a home buyer's report. The survey covers all elemets of the house, even those which are hidden from view, such as behind walls. The building survey typically takes longer to complete and costs more, however the detailed findings can be used to re-negotiate with the seller for a lower purchase price to compensate for the extent of work required.

Q: What properties need a Building Survey?

Strictly speaking, properties which are over 100 years old will require a building survey. They are also recommended for older properties or derelict propeties which require a lot of work. They are also recommended for listed building or larger residential dwellings and those which are not of conventional design.

Q: What's inspected in a Building Survey?

Previously referred to as a Structural Survey, the building survey includes elements which are hidden away from view, such as the loft area and if possible, the services of the house. With the permission of the owners, the surveyor may remove carpet and floorboards to carry out a thorough inspection. You will notice that the building surveyor will often wear more protective equipment and carry additional equipment such as ladders. 

Q: How long does a Building Survey take?

As virtually every building is suitable for a building survey, it's difficult to determine an approximate time for the duration of the survey. As you can imagine, the time is influenced by the age and size of the property. At its most extensive, building surveys should not take more than a full day; Kirk-Brown Ltd will keep the client informed if the survey is taking longer than expected.

Q: Do I need to be present at the time of the Survey?

No. A building survey is a comprehensive survey which requires specialist protective equipment and concentration from the surveyor. In order to receive the most effective report, the surveyor should not be distracted in any way. If required, we are more than happy to provide a brief verbal feedback at the end of the survey regarding any major discoveries before producing the writen report.

Q: What can I expect to see in my Building Survey Report?

The building survey report is more detailed compared the home buyer's report. The surveyor will outline their finding regarding each element, such as any damp spotted, cracks in exterior masonry, etc. The report will also outline any repair options for any defects, their estimated costs and perhaps the consequences if unactioned. The report also identifies any immediate or serious health and safety risks and hazard found within the building, such as asbestos or electrcal faults.

Q: When will we receive the report after the survey? 

Once again this is dependent on the schedule of the surveyor. In most cases, you should expect to receive a full written report within 8-10 working days from the end of the survey. The report is also available in electonic format if specifically required by the client.

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