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Chartered Building Surveyors

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Chartered Building Surveyors

Chartered Building Surveyors

The Royal Institute Of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the professional body for people that work in this industry. Surveyors must belong to this organisation in order to be able to call themselves Chartered Surveyors. There are professional standards that they must adhere to and they also receive ongoing training that is provided by RICS. The term Chartered Surveyor can cover a whole range of different professions but in the UK members of the public generally use their services when they are selling or buying a property. 

A Chartered Surveyor will visit the property that you are buying to make sure that there are no issues that you need to be aware of. The mortgage company may insist on the property being surveyed before they are prepared to approve your loan. You may also choose to use their services if you are selling a house so that you have an inspection report ready to show potential buyers. 

Consumer Confidence

When you use the services of a Chartered Surveyor, you have a little more peace of mind because of all the additional protection that you get. You will also have the reassurance that the surveyor and the company that they work for will have to adhere to high industry standards.  


RICS make sure that all their Chartered Surveyors operate to a certain level of professionalism. This means that you are guaranteed the very best service, and you can be sure that they will do a thorough job. Receiving a professional service can make the whole house buying process run a lot smoother. 

Protection If Things Go Wrong 

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the service that you receive then RICS have a complaint procedure that you can follow. This can help you to find a resolution to your issue and give you confidence that steps will be taken to put things right. Using a member of RICS means that there is also insurance in place to cover you if anything wrong information is included in the survey. 

Excellent Customer Care

There is a lot of ongoing training that members of RICS can take part in to make sure that their skills are up to date. This all results in a better service for you. All members of RICS have a commitment to putting their clients first, and this is something that you can really benefit from as the Chartered Surveyor will do all that they can to provide an excellent service.

When you are looking for a surveyor, then a Chartered Surveyor will almost always be the best option. Anybody can call themselves a surveyor, but this does not mean that they have the skills and experience that you may expect. Buying a house is one of the biggest things that you will do during your lifetime, and so you will want to make sure that you are given the very best advice at every step of the way. Kirk-Brown Ltd have been Chartered Surveyors for 15 years, with over 25 years of overall experience in the industry. You can count on our extensive knowledge to provide you with the most comprehensive service.