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Building and Property Surveys 

Building and property surveys are extremely important practices for home and landowners to implement. They can uncover and resolve a wide variety of potential issues such as structural damage or precise locations of property lines. 

Surveys should always be carried out by qualified surveyors who know what to look for during the process. While they are often expensive, surveys can end up saving you from a lot of headaches after moving into a home. 

Property surveys are most commonly used to determine the location of property boundaries accurately. It is essential to make sure to establish the boundary between your property and your neighbour's before building a fence or a driveway. 

These surveys can also identify the location of any below-ground cables or drains that are used for water, gas, and electric utilities. Before breaking ground on a construction project, make sure a surveyor has identified the location of underground utilities to ensure they are not cut or ruptured. 

Building surveys provide information about the condition of a home or other structure. They are not cheap to have done, and are more expensive with larger properties, but can identify major structural issues that would be devastating if discovered after the purchase. If you are purchasing an older property, a building survey can be especially helpful. 

3D rendering of a house in construction
3D rendering of building plans

During the inspection, the surveyor will look at all areas of the building including the floors, windows, walls and ceilings. At the end of the survey, you will be presented with a highly detailed report that includes all of the findings that were identified by the surveyor. This report will contain advice on any repairs that should be made, along with estimates of cost and time of those repairs. There may also be sections that describe what could happen if the recommended repairs were to be ignored. 

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