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Commercial Building Surveys

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Commercial Building Surveys

Commercial Building Surveys

In many cases, people think that the work of a building surveyor is just evaluating a building to determine its worthiness and presenting a report to the client. The responsibilities of the building surveyors depend on the needs of the client, and they do a lot of complicated works more than the regular survey. Different building surveys are available, specialised in providing specific services, and you need to understand them better for you to know which one to hire.

Building Survey

This is a type of study that deals with evaluating and informing the building purchaser about the condition and the value of the building. Commercial buildings are built using different methods and materials which you need to understand first before purchasing or leasing. The amount also depends on the materials used to build the house thus the surveyors will help you make an informed decision.

Schedule of Condition

This report focuses on the building condition for a specified period. Properties depreciate over time, and once you lease a house, you should vacate when everything is in excellent condition. The report indicates the value of the property by the time the leasing terms ends. This can protect the tenant from any extra costs from the property owner.

Schedule of Dilapidations

Once the leasing term elapses, a surveyor evaluates the building to determine the repairs that the tenant should do and their costs through the dilapidations survey. The surveyor may give advice on how to repair the damages in the building and may sometimes be the representative of the landlord.

When are building surveys needed?

When planning to buy or sell your property, you can consult a surveyor to evaluate the condition and value of the property. The surveyor will provide you with the report of the findings that will help you to that will guide you in making an informed decision.

Before you lease a house, it's always good practice to hire a surveyor to evaluate and provide a schedule of condition so that you will not have to pay more than what is needed for repairs once the leasing period ends.

When you wish to use your private house as collateral for taking a loan from any financial institution, it's beneficial to have a surveyor evaluate the value of your property so that you get a right amount of credit that matches your collateral.

The building survey is critical in many situations and does not only apply to commercial properties. It's always good to know the value of your property at any given time. When hiring a surveyor, ensure that you provide the relevant documents they will need so that you get accurate results from the survey you need. If you are unsure which survey you may require, Kirk-Brown Ltd will be more than happy to provide advice and guidance.