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Planning for an Extension

Moving from one place to another can be expensive, and it's often a lengthy and difficult process to source a property which ticks all the boxes. In light of this, adding more space to the area where you live can be a wise consideration. You may want to consider where to put the extension and what value it will add to your property.

What to Consider Before Adding an Extension 

The first thing that that should come to your mind is consulting an professional surveyor and from the results, a designer. They will act swiftly to assist your current situation and work with you to maximise the investment you already have to get the space that you have always dreamt about. When this is professionally done, it means that your extension will most likely be very successful.

During the surveying process, the surveyor will assess the current structural stability of your home and advise on the extent of work that can be carried out and complies with the regulations of the building. A local council can even order an extension to be destroyed if it fails to comply with the set regulations. 

Planning Procedures  

Putting together a planning application plays a critical role in your extension. When you comply with the set standards of an extension, the entire planning procedure will be a great success to space addition. For expansion to be excel, start by applying for planning permission, then, get onto the planning register to make them available for both local and public viewing. This will help people speak in case of any grievances. The process will take around eight weeks, but one approved you are given up to 3 years to undertake the work entirely.

Hiring professional for your task is the next step. This should be limited to your budget. One specialist or a project manager should be included to ensure they oversee the project till its complete.