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Homebuyer Survey Kent

Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases people make in their lifetime. As the buyer of the house, you will benefit from investing in a Home Survey Report.

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If you require RICS surveys in the Kent area, contact our professional independent surveyor.

The report will offer all the advice you need to decide to take out a mortgage on the home or not. The homebuyer survey is one report that every home buyer cannot ignore.

A home survey has in-depth analysis and inspection of the house, and any question you may have will be answered with valid evidence.

The surveyor draws up a report that will evaluate the following issues with the house.

  • Subsidence Inspection
  • Damp
  • Infestations
  • Asbestos
  • Property Valuations
  • Structural Damage

The Home survey report identifies all the conditions of the new home and whether it is tied to any legal issues. This is very important in making any decision over the property.

The report includes information about the condition of the property and notes any problems associated with it. This helps in the valuation of the property and the costs required to do any repairs necessary.

Any defects are also clearly highlighted without fail. Some buyers may end up paying more than the property's worth if they fail to use the survey reports.

What is Included in the Home Buyer Report?

The Home Buyers Survey is used by an experienced surveyor to identify defects in the structure of the house. Common issues raised in the report include damage or cracks, damp, subsidence or infestations.

As a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, you can trust your surveyor to provide impartial advice about the issues that they discover.

The survey offers a visual inspection of the external and internal structure of the house. It also includes an inspection of any grounds associated with the property.

There are many issues and defects that can be identified during the survey that you would not think to look for unless you had been professionally trained.

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What type of survey do I need?

For this reason, a home buyers survey is essential before you part with any money when buying a house. There are two options available for your survey:

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A Building Survey

Also known as a Full Structural Survey, the Building Survey offers a full inspection of the property. This is the most comprehensive survey available for residential properties.

The building survey will address each element of the house and describe the condition in detail. The report will describe the damage, how urgent the need for repair, the suggested cause of the damage and the cost of the repair.

Although the building survey is the more expensive survey, it is the best option if you require a complete evaluation of the home you wish to purchase.

A HomeBuyers Report

The RICS Homebuyer Report is provided to assess the general condition of a building to provide information to a home buyer. The option is also available whether to include a valuation as part of the report.

Our Kent based surveyor will identify all structural features including the materials used, to assess if the property needs attention.

The surveyor will provide a visual examination of the property and provide the following details:

  • The surveyors current valuation on the open market if this option is requested
  • Details and information about the background of the location and property
  • The estimated cost of rebuilding the house for insurance
  • surveyors assessment of Drainage, insulation and damp proofing
  • Checks of timber in the building for rot or woodworm
  • Assessment of damp from wall checks
  • Issues that require specialist attention before a purchase is agreed
  • Any major faults identified by surveyors that could affect the house value

The HomeBuyers Report is designed by surveyors assessment to be consumer-friendly to help the home buyer to understand the condition of the property. This means that the report will include jargon-free language and easy to understand summary of the survey with a reminder of urgent repairs noted at the end.

Home Buyer Information for properties in Kent

Kent is a popular location for home buyers which includes unique architecture and attractive natural landscapes.

The three forms of architecture unique to the area include Kentish peg-tiles, the Oast house and the Wealden hall house. There are a total of nine Anglo-Saxon churches with Rochester Cathedral being the second oldest cathedral in England.

One of the most iconic architectural features in Kent is Canterbury Cathedral built in AD 598 which is the UK's metropolitan cathedral.

The county of Kent is generally affluent with areas such as Dartford joining with London. There is also a number of coastal towns such as Dover and Folkestone. Much of the central area of Kent is urbanised with some rural parts included.

The Kent landscape is identified by a series of valleys and ridges which run east through to west across the county. Several towns including Folkestone, Sevenoaks, Ashford and Maidstone are built on greensand. Other areas such as Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge are built on sandstone.

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What are the features unique to homes in Kent that a homebuyer should be aware of?

  • Surveyors advice on flooding: Be aware of how close the property is to the Great Stour, River Rother and River Medway. Occasionally areas within close distance of the path of these waterways are subject to flooding alerts and warnings.
    If you are concerned that a property that you are viewing is at risk of flooding, you can request a flood risk report.
  • Surveyors advice on Radon: Ground Radon emissions have been experienced at a higher than average rate in some areas of Kent. Areas of concern include parts in or around Chatham, Rochester, Dover, Folkestone and Aylesham.
    If you are thinking of buying a home in Kent and are concerned about raised Radon, you can find out more by consulting the UK Radon Map.
  • Surveyors advice on subsidence: Within Kent, there are a number of homes built on areas near natural cavities. This can result in unstable ground for properties within 50m of the cavity.
    Mortgage lenders will generally refuse to lend money for a house with subsidence.
    If you suspect subsidence on a property asks an RICS surveyor or a Structural Engineer to provide advice on the action required.

Are you buying a new home?

Do you need an RICS surveyor in the Kent area to offer professional advice about the buildings you are looking to buy?

A homebuyer survey offers information and advice about defects or problems in a home that you are thinking of buying. It is commonly required by Mortgage lenders that a survey is produced before they will lend any money.

Our independent surveyor is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) which provides expert training to ensure that your home is worh the money that it is valued at.

For homes in Kent of a standard construction built after 1900, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) suggests that a HomeBuyer Report is the most suitable type of survey for your home.

The report plays a very vital role when one is in the process of buying a house. It implies that all the physical conditions of the building are incorporated in the report.

The RICS surveyor will produce a report that is recognised by mortgage lenders to ensure the value the property is sold at matched its real worth.

Considering all the assessments that are given in the home survey reports, one notices the faulting parts of the house that they want to buy.

This helps the buyer to have a realistic picture of it rather than stay blinded by the picture of a dream house which in most cases does not turn out to be true.

Book your home buyer report today.