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Listed Buildings Surveying 

Listed buildings refer to buildings associated with some historic interests and are associated with some heritage. Such buildings are protected by the laws and any intentions to make any change is closely monitored by the relevant authorities. Surveying listed buildings come with its challenges, ranging from the unique architectural designs used in their construction, unique defects and legislation regulating the surveying of such buildings. 

The most common reason to have a listed building surveyed is during the changeover of ownership or before a planned renovation project. Depending on the grading, the number of modifications you can make to a listed building is restricted. This may not present an issue at the surveying stage, but when it comes to producing the report for any advisories and recommended repairs, the surveyor may have to be very specific in the material and construction method used.

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To effectively survey a listed building the surveyor must be well experienced in the industry. A clear understanding of the building from the type of materials used, year of construction, the technique used, and architectural designs are some of the aspects of the building one must fully understand to conduct the survey successfully. Further, regulations regarding listed buildings change frequently. Thus a surveyor should be fully conversant with the current regulation. 

Land cost is another important aspect of purchase that a survey can reveal. The cost of a property is one of the most complicated concepts, and as a buyer, you can easily end-up buying an overpriced property. Thus, as a buyer, to get the value for your money, always conduct a home survey.

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