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Surveys For Listed Buildings

Are you thinking of getting a survey for a listed building? A big problem with old buildings is the lack of experienced building experts who are able to survey them, whether they are listed or not.

We work with old buildings. We can dismantle the building and rebuild it. We understand how wooden frames are built and work with render and lime mortar. The results come from practical knowledge of the old structures from the surveyors.

You can depend on us to offer information to you about any structure, give historical facts about it, and estimate the potential cost of repairs and maintenance.

Surveyors always recommend damp proofing injections which show that they do not understand the causes of moisture. They could not understand or report structural problems with wooden frames. They know little about traditional building materials.

Most surveys ask the owner to carry out additional "Timber and Damp" surveys after the building survey is complete.  However, these factors should be included in the original building survey.

Most standards surveys of housing are completed by large chains. These are the worst offenders in the automatic recommendation of additional damp surveys. 

We have seen numerous sub-standard surveys. These result in hundreds of complaints of angry and frustrated home buyers. Banks are forced to use these chains to conduct valuation surveys - all of them recommend Timber and Damp surveys.

The largest chain of surveyors employs a room full of lawyers to cope with damp legal claims alongside a budget of millions of pounds. All this can be avoided through better training and moving away from using "damp meters". A "damp meter" is not a good way to detect damp.

All these organisations can clean their businesses and help British home buyers. A simple solution to this overcharging for additional surveys is training. This provides the right understanding of the true causes of damp.

We manage the building construction and project management service. This includes Site Survey and Evaluation, a detailed case report, recommendations, job specifications, and timelines if required.

These issues are highlighted and prioritised to help develop current and future maintenance budgets. If needed, this can be modified to create specifications and approval buildings are included. Communication with conservation officers, planners, cost and financial control is included.

Private housing surveys cost from £900, depending on the details required in the report and the complexity of existing issues. We always give you a fixed price in advance. We are charged daily plus costs at cost price. We are responsible for writing reports and communicating with various government departments concerned at our daily rate, with mileage costs.