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What Property Surveys look for

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  • 17-01-2019
What Property Surveys look for

Buying a property is a lifetime investment and it is definitely worth taking every precaution possible.  If it is your first time or you are worried you can make some mistakes, don't be afraid to seek help from an expert or someone who understands the entire process.  Hiring a surveyor is one of the things you should do after getting a mortgage valuation from your lender. The surveyor will examine both the interior and the exterior parts of the house to advise you on the current condition of the house.

What is a Property Survey?

You can survey your property at any given time, but it is advisable to hire a surveyor before you finalise your decision. Most mortgage companies insist on potential homebuyers paying for a property survey so that they can determine the value and condition of the property.  However, it is important to know that property survey is not legally required, and there are mortgage lenders who will be satisfied with a simple mortgage valuation survey to determine the price of the property.

Property surveyors start by researching about the land, i.e. the history of the title deed and title search to ensure that the property does not have any discrepancies on land ownership. After ensuring that there are no land conflicts, the surveyor will start researching the property, sketch the land, the boundary and other different elements that make up the land. 

After the fieldwork and listing all important details, the surveyor will start writing a description of the property. This description includes the street address of the property, location of buildings and other adjacent buildings and finally, list any improvements the homeowner can make in the future.

To prevent future disputes or quarrels, a property survey also includes other things like easements and right of ways. These are used to explain what you and your neighbour should do about shared yards or driveways. Such information is also important because it shows whether your neighbour has the right of way to the street or an alley found between your homes. 

side view of terraced houses in Glasgow

Why is a Property Survey Important?

Although it is not a must to have a property survey, it is advisable to have it everytime you are buying a house, or if you are planning to have a construction project in your home. When you complete your due diligence, you avoid making mistakes such as buying someone else's land or buying a home that's not worth the money you invested in. 

Finally, when it comes to hiring a property surveyor, you should err on the side of caution as this survey will help you decide whether or not to invest in the property. Look for a surveyor who is licensed, experienced, reputable and reliable.